TV star Debattama Saha transforms makeup room into ‘second home’ 

The make-up room of Debattama Saha is redesigned to feel like home. Photo: Genesis BCW

Zee TV’s latest fiction offering, Mithai, is an amalgamation of a love story and a family drama, all tied together inside a box of traditional Indian sweets. Following the story of two polar opposite personalities, Mithai (Debattama Saha) and Siddharth (Aashish Bhardwaj), the show delves into the life of a gifted sweet-maker based in Mathura, who wants to preserve the legacy of Aloo Jalebis that she has inherited from her father but is now, unfortunately, on the verge of extinction.

While all the actors are working round the clock to keep their audience entertained, Mithai a.k.a. Debattama Saha is going the extra mile to make herself feel at home on the sets of Mithai. In fact, the actress recently transformed her makeup room into a comfortable space that she calls “my home away from home”. She has got everything that is essential to making her feel at home, and redesigned her makeup room.

As shesays, “I love my makeup room ever since I transformed it. The Mithai set now feels like my second home, a home away from my home, where I can go every day and be comfortable. I have kept a lot of soft toys in the make-up room for my comfort and have also added a few frames of motivational and make-up quotes to start my day with positivity.” She adds, “I spend a lot of time in my make up room as I rehearse my scenes here. Hence, I wanted to transform into my own comfortable space and that’s what I did.”


Now, this is a twist not seen among the many in the show.



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