Indian-Americans celebrate Mata ki Chowki at Chicago’s Hari Om Mandir

Mata Ki Chowki celebrated at Chicago’s Hari Om Mandir May 6. (Photo: Asian Media USA)

Chicago IL:  Hundreds of Hindu devotees gathered at Chicago’s Hari Om Mandir to celebrate Mata Ki Chowki May 6.

The highlight of the evening was a helicopter that flew above the crows scattering flowers and rose petals on the tall Hanuman statue at the temple entrance, as crowds chanted “Jai Shree Ram, Jai Hanuman.”

The pilot also tried to throw a garland around the statue’s neck but high winds prevented that. According to Asian Media USA, “thousands of devotees” came to celebrate Mata Ki Chowki.


The event was sponsored by Suga Builders which specializes in national franchises as well as new home construction. Organizers had invited a group of musicians and singers, Melody Express, from Mumbai. Sunny Jadhav, Dhanashri Bhavaria and Vinod Sutaria regaled the audience with their three-hour nonstop devotional songs o a Congregation Hall filled to capacity.

The artists also presented episodes from Indian mythology, portraying different characters like Sudama, Radha Krishna & Gopis, Maa Durga along with her lion, Shiv and his Damru.

A special program for children was held in the basement of the mandir at the same time. It included a magician, face-painting artist and a balloons master, keeping more than 100 children engaged Asian Media USA reported.




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