Dash family of Chicago is ‘America’s Smartest Family’



Dash Family Photo: Chicago’s Dash family titled America’s Smartest Family

The Dash Family from Chicago, Illinois, has won the first season of Zee TV’s ‘America’s Smartest Family’ reality TV contest, taking home a cash prize of $10,000.

“We are super excited to be the winners of America’s Smartest Family. It was our first national TV experience and we enjoyed it thoroughly. It was a great platform for Anmol to showcase his talent. Many thanks to Zee and Touchdown Media for a great experience,” said Bibhudatta Dash, in a statement.


The Somani Family from Monroe, New Jersey, won second place, taking home a $5,000 cash prize.

“It was a great experience to participate in America’s Smartest Family. We had a lot of fun going through various rounds. It made us realize the importance of keeping your eyes and ears open. There is so much to learn in this world. It also gave our son Rishi a great exposure to the world of quizzing. Hopefully, this experience will help him read and learn a lot about the world rather than just US and India. Definitely, the most enriching experience in our lives. The crew and host were awesome. They took good care of us and I would like to thank them for giving us the opportunity” said Rashmi Somani.

Zee TV’s original production – Americas’ Smartest Family, has become a popular reality TV show amongst the South Asian community which attracted a huge audience throughout the season.

Somani Family Photo: The Somani family on the set of America’s Smartest Family

The show initially began with 16 families dwindling down as the families battled it out until there were only two of the smartest families remaining.

In the previous episodes, round one and two consisted of four questions; with a dice roll deciding which family goes first, participants then chose from five topics: science, math, arts & entertainment, history and geography.

However, in the grand finale, once a category is chosen at the end, the participants were forced to answer from the last remaining category.

As the game progressed, questions become tougher and more challenging.

By the third and fourth rounds, each correct answer was worth 200 points and during the fifth and final round, the game took a turn as the host Zaid Ali made the round stimulating by offering clues.

If the team answered correctly without a clue, a maximum of 1,000 points was awarded. If the family chose to get clues, each clue cost them 200 points.

For the grand finale, the category for the final round was math and in the end, the Dash family won by 300 points.

‘America’s Smartest Family’ was conceptualized as a Zee Originals property and produced by Touchdown Productions.



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